200 gr. bittersweet chocolate (chocolate to cover cakes)
250 gr. flour
120 gr. brown sugar
200 ml. (1 glass) milk
50 ml. (1/4 glass) oil
4 teaspoon yeast (backing powder)
1 egg


Beat the milk, oil and egg together. Mix the yeast and the flour together and add. The dough should be quite consistent. Add the melted chocolate with the following precautions: if you melt it a few second at the microwave wait until it gets cold before pouring into the dough, otherwise the yeast will react (thought, it is spectacular see the dough growing like foam in a bath but I really do not recommend it in this case). Other option is to grate the solid chocolate to the mixture and let it ends the mixing at the oven, but for the muffins at the photo I used the first option. Preheat the oven at 180 ºC. Pour the dough in your favourite cooking cupcakes (remember that the smaller the cupcake, the least time at the oven). Pour the dough into the cupcakes approximately until you fill half a bit more of the cupcakes. Bake for 10 minutes. Be careful they are yet soft when taking them out of the oven because they continue getting harder for a few minutes. The best is to puncture them with a wooden toothpick; if should get out clean.


For this version I included two tablespoons of vanilla powder and one of nutmeg. The muffins are the base for making cupcakes covering them with frost, creams and other decorative delicious elements. Other options are to add them over, before baking them, sugar in powder for a harder and sweetest crust or a piece of chocolate into them.


Remove the chocolate from the recipe and add ingredients such as grated lemon or orange, apple shards into the dough of over the cupcake (better if previously prepared as in the pasties of apple, mix only half of the dough with chocolate to created marble muffins, etc. For a healthier version retire the yolk of the egg and use fat-free milk, substitute the flour by a healthier variety and the chocolate for fat-free cocoa.


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