A sophisticated and sweet snack for tea and coffee times, decorate a dessert or for a party with friends at home.

2 big oranges
3 big lemons
200 gr. brown sugar
150 gr. bittersweet chocolate (chocolate to cover cakes)


Wash and dry the oranges and lemons. Cut their extremes and discard. Cut them in ½ centimetre slices and cut out a bit of the pulp in order the husks are just with a bit of pulp. Cook them in a pressure cooker with water as if you where cooking a very hard to soft vegetable (the husks are hard to soften). Drip them and put them over a kitchen paper towel to dry a bit. In a saucepan put the brown sugar with two glasses of water and bring to the boil. Add the husks and stir until they caramelize (they will start to get a bit transparent). Wash out the pulp remains from the husks, they will be very easy to retire now. Melt a bit of the chocolate and dip the husks into it, put them over oven paper or similar to let them dry. Melt more chocolate when needed (melt just a bit of chocolate each time for avoiding it from drying). Keep the husks at the fridge.


You can caramelize them also adding vanilla in powder to the sugar or your favourite herb. The husks can be muffled up in powder of dark cocoa, sugar, coconut, etc.


Use also white chocolate or other varieties at your preference.


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