It can be eaten at room temperature or fresh from the fridge and is an especially pleasant, healthy and nourishing recipe, perfect for a light lunch, a picnic or eating at a trip. Makes 1 big serving.

200 gr. of your favourite pasta
2 small tuna tins, better if is conserved without any kind of additives or oils
1 small tin of sweet corn
1 slice of ham
Grated cheese, better if it is parmesan, quantity as desired


Boil the pasta as if you where going to eat a classic pasta dish, until al dente, drain and let it cool. Mix in a bowl the rest of ingredients and add the pasta when it’s at room temperature. If you prefer to dress just use a bit of oil, vinegar and your favourite herbs.


You can add practically anything you like to this salad, for instance olives or carrots.


Substitute the ham for chicken or turkey in thin slices and the tuna for pineapple.


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