The first time I saw Hasselbacken potatoes photos at Seasaltwithfood I fell in love. This recipe was first served in a Swedish restaurant called Hasselbacken, but at home we call them Swedish potatoes for short. Truly, potatoes are not the best looking of all ingredients in any kitchen, but this recipe makes them look as if they have enjoyed a session with a Chanel artist and smells with the gastronomical version of Number 5. They are beautiful, they are delicious, and they are so easy to cook that they will get a seat in your cookbook really quickly.


2 medium size potatoes per serving
1 garlic per couple of potatoes, in as thin as possible slices
5 gr butter per potato
1 dessert spoon of olive oil per potato
salt, best if coarse salt
freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Wash thoroughly the potatoes, put the with the flat side down and cut nearly to the bottom in slices, 3 to 4 mm wide. Put the potatoes in a baking tray, insert the garlic slices between the slits, 3 or 4 slices or a slit per 2 slices will be enough. Rub the butter on top of each potato, pour the olive oil above and sprinkle the salt and pepper. Bake the potatoes for about 40 minutes or until crispy by the outside and soft by the inside. Serve hot and crispy or, in case of day-after leftovers, you can enjoy them with mayonnaise or other sauce of your preference.


You will find many variations to this recipe. I recommend you specially scattering some parmesan cheese on top of them 5 minutes before ending the baking, or adding breadcrumbs or finely chopped vegetables such as onions to the butter. At Oneperfectbite a soy sauce glace is proposed with high success.


Maybe substitute the garlic for other ingredient? ;)


  1. My Little Space said...
    Hi there, luckily you got English language translator, otherwise I've no idea how to read your posting. You have a really lovely blog & lots of recipes. I'll try to read through all of them slowly, ha ha! Have a nice day!
    John C said...
    This is a life saver. Way too many times I've done a meat entree in the oven, without using the built up heat for something easy as this.

    It's a keeper!

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