Ministry of Food is another great initiative of Jamie Oliver, my favorite chef. As I explained previously Jamie is not only a really good chef, but a businessman and a person engaged in multiple social activities to make this world a little better.

Well, Ministry of Food is many things at one. For instance, a concept from World War II, a Jamie Oliver book (you can buy it from Amazon clicking "bookshop" at this blog), a website but, most important, an idea: That people can learn to cook or improve their cooking greatly learning from one another. The mechanism is quite simple, you take the pledge of learning a handful of recipes that you find appealing from the book, the website or even other person who already learnt them, and to pass them on to people you know. It's food-buzzing, and it's really satisfying!

A month ago I bought the book at Amazon and I've enjoyed so much that sometimes I take it to bed at night for some minutes of joyful reading. The book's motto is "Anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours", but it's not only a book for turning you into a home-made chef for your everyday life even if you don`t know how to fry an egg (the book teachs you that one too!), it's also great to learn a couple of things that, if you already know about cooking, will improve your meals incredibly, or to learn the nice and maneagable way to recipes that you though you would never be prepared to try.

Of course, I've taken the pledge (soon the recipes at this blog!) and now that I've started cooking the recipes I would say tons of paragraphs more about Ministry of Food, but I think it's better if I point you the key links for you to explore and learn:

Ministry of Food Homepage
Kitchen basics (equipment, cupboard, hygiene and seasona fruit & veg)
A PDF for cooking learners: The basics about kitchen equipment
The Pass It On Movement
Podcast with cooking lessons by Jamie from iTunes
Rotherham Food Centre for cooking classes, Health Trainers advice and cookery demonstrations
News about Ministry of Food's universe
About Jamie: a tiny biog


  1. rich said...
    I really admire what Jamie Oliver has done with this initiative. It's simple and practical, and it can make a difference to people's lives.

    The book itself is excellent - plenty of very straightforward and easy recipes for some tasty and worthwhile dishes.

    Jamie has a reputation as a campaigner and has had the plight of mass produced chicken and pork in his sights in the past, as well as almost single handedly sparking a revolution in the quality of British school meals.
    Andrea said...
    Adoro ver ao seu programa, voce é incrivel como pessoa, me encanta ver como trata seus alunos, vivo em lleida España, no proximo ano vou a londres a estudar, ojalá encontre líderes como você Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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