This is, most than presumably, the question people have asked to any recipes blog in the history of the Internet. It’d be perfect that your fridge was connected to your favorite blogs and return recipe proposals based on your diet, health needs, week’s day, fav sports, etc. (I’d need also a safe for the chocolate and a speaker saying “No, no, no! It’s not weeked yet!”), specially when you just don’t feel in the mood of being creative on what to cook today. Alas, such a wonderful highly technological scenario is not possible yet, but it seems like we’re getting near at a remarkable speed thanks to initiatives as SuperCook.

The concept of SuperCook is as simple as useful: You open a website, tell it what ingredients you do have in your kitchen and it returns a list of recipes that use them. Obviously, if you just have half an onion and a long bearded cheese in your fridge it will return recipes that need additional ingredients, but the principle is as clear as useful.

As service works really fine and the database seems large, getting bigger as the service crawls the web looking for new recipes, I do recommend have a try at it... you may be lucky and do find one that actually uses long bearded cheese! ;)


  1. melusina said...
    Estupendo. Ademas de cocina aprovecho para aprender algo de ingles. Oye y si nos dice que puede sustituir a que?. Entre en alwais courious a traves tuya y me ha gustado mucho, lo malo es que se poco ingles ..TODAVIA. Besos, besos y besos y gracias por ser como eres. Melusina
    Pilinguiña said...
    He de reconocer que de cocina casi no se nada, pero de inglés mucho menos.
    Bueno, voy a ser sincera, de cocina ni p.idea y de inglés menos.
    Abochornada me despido con un abrazo
    trastete said...
    Los livines están mu verigueles y my teacher is very windows, pero tuscribe mu poco ehhhhhh???
    Ya he hablado un poco de mis perrulos en el pos que se llama EL CIELO por Paulo Coelho.
    Puedes comprobar que soy bilingue por que hablo por los dos codos, de hecho he ido de interprete a Cracovia.

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