Since my teenage years I’ve been baking cakes, and always with methods not 100% reliable on butter and flour, which leave my cakes, in the best case, powdered in flour, and others affirming that lots of oil is the solution (of course it is, if you want to fry the cake!) and, until starting 2007, I didn’t find the trick to bake them without fear of the unmold part of the recipes. The procedure is incredibly simple, and below you can see the shots that prove it (yogurt cake recipe).

1. Grease the mould of your preference with olive oil using kitchen paper.
2. Cut a sheet of household aluminium foil with the shape of the mould’s base, but a bit bigger. Stick it completely to the base with a few drops more of oil and pressing with the kitchen paper.
3. Pour the dough and bake your cake as you’ve always done.
4. Once baked, unmold the cake in a plate (obviously upside down). If it resists use a thin knife to finish the unsticking.
5. Voilà! Now just retire the aluminium foil to see your cake perfectly baked. If you use this trick please leave a comment or send me a foto to share your delicious experience with us! ;)


  1. CHIC-HANDSOME said...
    great week
    Sandra said...
    It looks like a great advice - I'll surely try it
    Noir said...
    Thanks Chich & Sandra for visiting!

    Sandra: Hope you'll find it useful! I think it'd work also with melted butter but not yet tried.
    Sandra said...
    Hello...very soon my son is having his birthday, it will be great chance to try all these advices. Thanks for linking - I hope you don't mind me returning you the same way :-)

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