This is a tradicional asturian recipe learnt from my sister-in-law Ceci (hi sweet blondie! ;). This course is special for cheese addicts who want to make something original and delicious for a party or an intimate dinner. In the first case, with lots of people, use it as first course preparing it in a big loaf of bread and, in second case, in a small one or even individual loafs accompanied by pâtés, onion marmalade, a good wine (the Santa Digna rosé from Miguel Torres will surprise you, great vineyards in Chile), caramelized orange and lemon husks coated with chocolate and other homemade little wonders. About how do you eat it, the ideal fashion is to grab pieces of bread from the top and dip them in the cheese at the interior, so I recommend you to cut the slice of the top of the bread (I call it the hat) when serving to make it easy to assistants. By the way, this recipe is related to the delicious cheese called Torta del Casar.

A big loaf of bread (from a real bakery, not bread which dough has passes freezing)
emmental cheese
same amount of gruyere cheese or other at your election (for instance raclette or other cheese)
1 onion
½ glass of sherry, or Kirsch if you want to get a flavour nearer to Swiss fondue


Preheat the oven at 180ºC. Cut the loaf of bread in horizontal above its medium height, as if making a hat, and retire the crumb. Cut the cheese in small pieces and mix with the onion thin chopped, then fill the bread with this mixture and pour the wine over it. Cover with the hat and bake for 20-45 minutes, depending of the size of the bread. Be careful to put it in medium height into the oven in order the bread doesn’t get burned. It will be ready when the cheese is completely melted and the bread has a lovely and characteristic smell, as result of the boiling of the wine aromatizing the cheese and bread. Serve immediately.


Ceci adds to the cheese a spoon of mayonnaise, I don’t do it just for a lighter digestion, but that touch makes the cheese creamier. Also, you can add a bit of black pepper, other cheese or even your favourite herbs.


The first time I made this recipe I didn’t have wine, so I used a third of a can of beer instead. Also, you can use any type of bread, for instance the use of multi-cereals loafs or kamut will give an extra point of home flavour.


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