I think this is the Definite way of making kids to eat vegetables! Seriously, this Alien Salad a mixture of creativity, gastronomy and fan art to its best extreme and a tribute to H.R. Giger and Giuseppe Arcimboldo. It is also a clue that the world of food is evolving rapidly. Food, from vegetables to delicatessen creations are trespassing the boundaries of tasty and pretty toward quality and inventive in flavours, the medic and social relevance of the health and style symbolisms.

Let’s say it another way: you can do Anything knowing well the materials you are working with. You don’t need to be a chef to make it great and attractive; it’s a matter of creativity and a search of senses’ satisfaction, of creating something as important (you are what you eat, so you’d better watch out) as artistic (the seeking of perfection, of satisfaction beyond the materials you use) and, at the end, the jolly tragedy of something perfect that’s going to be devoured.

Ok, ok, too much cheap philosophy. Nevertheless, that’s why I love cooking; it’s somehow an art, requires concentration but also good disposition of all your senses and outputs wonderful results the more you practice it. It’s relaxing and it’s a game. Come to play!


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