This is a classic spanish recipe called “pisto” mostly cooked at autum and winter. It is basic mediterranean-spanish cuisine, as gazpacho, potatoes tortilla or paella and, as them, there are many ingredients variations. This is the pisto I cook at home and just differs from the basic recipe in that I do not use red peppers because many people (including me) find them uneasy to digest. It is very nourishing, easy to prepare, extremely delicious and a perfect complement to eggs or meat. I usually eat it with just the company of bread to wipe the plate sunny clean. You can freeze it.

2 large green peppers
2 aubergines
2 zucchinis (approximately the size of the aubergines)
1 and ½ tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
olive oil


Cut the onions and the garlic into little pieces, peel the tomatoes and repeat. Wash the peppers, aubergines and zucchinis well and cut them into pieces about 2 centimetres long and one centimetres wide (do not retire the peel!).

In a very large casserole or frying pan pour olive oil until covering the bottom and fry the onions and the pepper. When the onions start getting transparent, add the garlic. Stir continuously adding two tablespoons of basil. When everything get a strong golden colour add the tomatoes with the juice they had pour when cut. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and cover the casserole, stir a lot and when the tomatoes are half melted add the aubergines, the zucchinis and half a cup of olive oil. Stir continuously, and add a glass of water when needed (you probably will need 3 glasses) until the aubergines and the zucchinis are soft and cooked (you will know when it’s ready for sure). Serve hot.


Many people cook pisto adding red peppers to the green ones. I’ve found in some places people add also potatoes (if they are a soft variety they add them at the same time that the aubergines, else with the peppers) and several types of herbs.


It can be done using mum’s tomatoes sauce: just start frying the peppers and add the sauce when golden. If garlic gives you problems add more herbs ad a bit of black pepper. Tomatoes can be substituted by canned tomatoes or mum's toatoes sauce also.


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