I learnt this recipe from my cousin Macu (a big kiss! ;). In the alternatives section in this recipe I explain the original ingredients because this an adaptation. However, chicken rolls in all their flavours are delicious both cold and hot.

big chicken fillets (3 by person)
leeks (half the number, or less, than fillets)
roquefort cheese or similar
basil of other herb


Preheat the oven at 200 ºC. Wash and cut the leeks in rolls as wide as fillets and separate the leaves. Pour a bit of basil over each fillet. Put over the fillets a leaf of leek a bit of roquefort at the centre (remember to put the leek leaves’ fibres in a way that, afterwards, doesn’t difficult the rolls slicing). Roll up the fillets and wrap them with aluminium paper, closing them as if they were caramels. Bake them for 20 minutes or until ready (you will know because they will smell great, and also you can open one for checking). Serve then hot, or cold in slices.


Add a bit of soft cheese such as goat cheese to make a denser filling.


The original recipe is made with ham instead of leek and soft cheese instead or roquefort, and is served sliced and cold. You can make multiple combinations, for instance adding spanish “jamón serrano”, emmental cheese, onions, garlic, etc.

This recipes remembers me of the Chiken Kiev recipe, with its hot, creamy and delicious filling, which is usually cooked in Spain with ham, cheese and cream instead or butter and parsley. Ummm... I'm thinking that it also may work with a berries rapsody...


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