manámaná is a blog for people who wants to eat nicely and healthy without spending an eternity at the kitchen, which is exactly my case. I work full-time in a GIS software company and time is never on my side (jump to it if you are interested in roasting maps, planning your kitchen or even something bigger with chocolate all over it ;). At manámaná you will get recipes, recommendations about ingredients, tricks, weblinks about gastronomy, etc. Sometimes I write the posts in English and others in Spanish, always on the fly, and usually without much time to translate them so if you read some misspell or similar please tell me.

manámaná is characterized by:

  1. All the recipes are real, I cook them at home usually.
  2. The goal of all of them is to eat as healthy and delicious as possible everyday because both my liver and my taste buds are very demanding (we-ell... also with a sweet peccadillo from time to time ;). Thus, they are very simple and vegetables are majority in them.
  3. If you want to complicate them a bit or make variations, the recipes include some proposals.

Bear in mind that a non-professional cook creates these contents. Everything here is born from personal experience. If you have a special diet or doubt about a recipe's compatibility with your health circumstances you should ask a doctor.

manámaná started as a tool to keep a personal cookbook and pass recipes to friends. Now many people benefit from it. Thanks everybody for your support!


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