I learnt this recipe from my dear Ioana a.k.a. “Legacy” (hi, sweetheart!). it is a traditional Rumanian way of cooking cabbage and, along with the sauerkraut, the most delicious one. Easy to prepare, transforms cabbage’s strong taste in delicate and a bit sweet, and can be served as main dish, appetizer or as garnish to any type of meat. The following recipe is for 3 servings:

1 cabbage
1 large onion
400 gr. fresh tomatoes
olive oil
black pepper powder


Peel the tomatoes, cut into small pieces and reserve. Cut the cabbage and onion into long, thin shreds, about ½ centimetre wide. Pour olive oil into a casserole to depth of 1 centimetre and heat it over medium heat. When it’s hot drop the cabbage into the oil. Stir often and add the onion when it starts to soften. Continue stirring until crisp and golden and add the tomatoes, a coffee spoon of black pepper and three tablespoons of olive oil (it may need a bit more) and continue stirring . it will be ready when the cabbage gets orange colour and practically no tomato sauce is left at the bottom of the casserole. Serve hot.


For lovers of garlic: slice two garlic cloves and add with the onion.


You can also add all kind of herbs and spices instead of black pepper.

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