Fast, simple and perfect for fall and winter served hot, or spring and summer served cold. Also can be used to make sandwiches!

500 gr. chicken breasts or fillets
1 very large onion
3 cloves of garlic
400 ml. liquid cream
soy sauce
olive oil
basil or other herbs of your preference


In a large casserole or frying pan fry the chicken with three or four spoons of olive oil an reserve (the goal is to brown them by outside without cooking them much by the inside). Cut the onion into small pieces and add to the oil until they get golden and the oil has been consumed (if the onion is ready but there’s oil left retire it with a spoon). Low the casserole temperature as much as possible and add slowly and stirring continuously half of the cream and the basil. Add the chicken with the broth they have left in the plate where you reserved them. Stir continuously for three minutes and add te rest of the cream. it is very important avoid the cream boiling for too long. Add then three tablespoons of soy sauce, stir and check the taste of the sauce for adding more soy sauce if needed. Wait five minutes more stirring in order the meat gets the sauce flavour and serve with some more herbs over the chicken to decorate.


Some roasted potatoes cooked at the microwave or the oven with oil and pepper combine greatly.


This recipe can be done with all types of meat, especially with turkey and partridge. I also recommend to let each person choosing the herb with which decorate it.


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