A very interesting article arrived to me by RSS past morning, and for once it wasn't about work. Well, it Was about work, for I work in an ISV and everything with the prefix e- interests is my business some way or another; but that article is also about new marketing trends on food, and that's where this blog comes handy.

The title is crystal clear, "Social media will not get me to eat your gross pizza", and talks about brands promoting their junk food through social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

I love the idea those marketing folks behind the food companies came with but, alas, I hate it with the very same enthusiasm: I'm a chix0r and a generic humanoid carbon unit very concerned about health and feeding, ergo I'd love to hear about Starbucks promos in networks such as Foodbuzz (ahhh... caffeine with soya milk...), but also about things such as nutritional recommendations for runners in the website of Adidas (no, I'm not being paid for mentioning them, it's just that I'm their customer/user!).

As anyone reading me for some time knows, I'm very careful with food because when you've already lost your health once you don't want to experience it again. Fortunately, I've lost my taste for junk food, and not just because I have to eat healthy, but also because I've discovered the delicious, joyful and first quality calories a homemade pizza or a pizza in a good restaurant can give.

Social networks and media has become a very important source of information to make your life and the life of those around you far better... if you use it wisely. Do we really want to fatten up our e-lifes with all the old bad habits some companies are trying to sell us with brand new tools?

Make yourself a favor: learn to cook pizza and you'll never dream of buying greasy-grossy pizzas ever again!

Let me tempt you with some recipes ;)


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