The folks at Fuelmyblog run a funny activity called Friday Five, where they ask us questions to be answered from our blog or at comments section in the related Friday Five post at Fuelmyblog's Blog. I encourage everybody to join and answer them!

This Friday Five questions are about Christmas Dinner:
  1. Turkey or Goose?
  2. Do you wear the hat in the Christmas Cracker…during the meal only or all day?
  3. Funniest joke in a Christmas Cracker?
  4. Mulled wine or Champagne?
  5. Christmas Pud or Christmas Pie? Mince Pie? (No idea what Christmas Pie is..!)
And my answers are:
1. Depends on the family house of celebration. At mine is Cat. No! Not a real cat! (In fact, a siamese female cat owns me and all my family since 1992 ;). Cat is the nickname we use to define a weird recipe (but delicious to eat) involving meat, a sock (obviously Really Clean XD) and a pressure cooker. In case of my in-laws it's the best recipe of cannelloni you can imagine (we always argue about how many are at each tupperware after the dinner). I don't know yet on which I will be posting this Christmas! Well, I think now you get the idea of why all my friends say that I'm from another planet.

2. In Spain there's no such kind of crackers, but we are very fond of wearing the hat at night, preferably after desserts, when the round of high spirited alcohol drinks starts.

3. As I told in point n.2, there are no Christmas Crackers in Spain. However, we cover the joking section singing Christmas carols in the worst way possible. Usually with improvised percussion.

4. In my family's it's Cider, and in my in-laws it's Cava (similar to Champagne but more digestive).

5. None of them. We have a very extense variety of traditional Christmas desserts and sweets, such as turrones, polvorones, marzipan, mantecados, alfajores, etc. Polvorones and mantecados are specially useful also in the joking section due to their stickiness in mouth. It's like trying to swallow a concrete cake! As I love cooking, I also add to the list as many chocolate desserts as I can cook in time...^^


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