Every year the folks of Fuelmyblog propose something special for Christmas. Last year was the creation of a book called "The Human Behind The Avatar" and, continuing in their line of creating great and different initiatives, this year they have proposed to create a very special cookbook. I copy/paste detailed information below to encourage everybody to  participate (I'm from Spain but, alas, I don't know how to cook paella so I will publish some traditional spanish recipes of desserts or snacks :). It's fun, different, potentially delicious and... you will appear in a real book!
This year we wanted to change things a bit.  As Christmas is coming, we thought it would be perfect to join up with Blurb again and this time create something every single person on Fuelmyblog can relate to...FOOD!
So we want to create a global cookbook, our latest research shows that we are represented in our community by just about every country on Earth.  This means we can, for the first time, create a truly unique and global cookbook created by us, the community :)
How are we going to do it?  
Firstly, you must submit a traditional local recipe, for example pie and mash from London is ok, we can't have Southern Fried Chicken from Delhi - the more local and unchanged, the more interesting the book will become.
So what do you need to do?
Apart from creating a recipe and taking a photo of it, nothing..We are doing the hard work of creating the book!  If you do get a minute to blog this, please do link to our blog post here, we really appreciate any help promoting this book.
Who are Blurb?
Blurb is a web based company that allows anyone to create customized books (as in, a real, high quality, tangible book that you can hold). Users simply download their free software (for Mac or PC) and then start creating.  Do not underestimate how high the quality is, we were astonished when we created the avatar book, it is incredible. 
Ok - the details:-
You need to send us the step by step recipe with measurements (don't worry, they'll be a measurement convertor in the final book - cups v tablespoons etc!).  And you'll need to submit your own photo - if you can, size needs to be 300DPI and Max size 2363x3000 pixels if not send full size, we'll try to adjust it.
Send the recipe & photo to this email address here.  And please put your name (for credit) and your blog URL for the readers of the book to find and thank you.
Free Books!
Blurb are pretty excited (to say the least) about this book, as a bonus they will give the top ten recipes a free book as judged by a World Class Chef (to be revealed later during the month of November). Not only that, if you take a look in the section below you will get a 10% discount off your first order or creation with Blurb - you need to use the link provided and codes relevant to your country.
Closing date
We need to have all book entries in by the last day of November, that is plenty of time to put something together, but please remember, if we get too many entries, we'll have to operate on a first come first served basis for volume 1 !!
Can I see the recipes before the book is produced?
We'll set up a flickr account and display all new photos weekly or daily on the FMB blog (subscribe here).
Any other questions?  
Drop us a mail using the contact form here.


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