These days I've had the fortune to participate in the releasing of Roxy’s perfume and, while waiting some samples, I had a look at their web. My joy was higher when I saw that they have published a couple of interesting recipes based in fruits part of the perfume’s formula. As I'm a pain to eat fruit (fortunately I like vegetables a lot) I decided to have a try with their Pink grapefruit tart to bribe myself.

The silly difficulty was that I didn’t find pink grapefruits, thus, I decided to risk mixing blood orange, grapefruit and puff pastry in the first version of this recipe (horrible presentation, but great taste!) and afterwards with mango and pastry dough. They resulted really delicious! It has been a nice discovery for me because offers a way to find attractive the flavors of fruits avoiding excess with sugar; my favourite fruit is lemon, and yes, I even bite it fresh and terribly acid as it is, so any fruit else needs lots of sugar or a prayer to heavens for convincing me to eat it.

Resuming, I’ve followed the spirit of the recipe with the following variations:

>> I didn’t warm up the puff pastry in the oven due to lack of time, but it was already nice with sugar over it or, if you want a bit of sophistication, painting it with an egg beaten with sugar.
>> I poured some drops of lemon juice to the fruit and baked it in the microwave a couple of minutes before using as filling.
>> In the grapefruit case, the filling was just grapefruit baked at the microwave with two full spoons of brown sugar and the lemon drops.


Have a try with other fruits: apples, pears, bananas, strawberries...


Serve with honey or maple syrup, whipped cream without sugar, hot chocolate and other terrible and delicious sins.

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  1. Macu said...
    ¡¡¡¡¡Qué piiiiiinta!!!!!
    Esto tengo que probar a hacerlo.
    Me he acordado de ti al colgar en el blog las recetas de las bebidas senegalesas... igual te apetece echarles un vistazo...
    Feliz año, primaaaaa, a ti y al prenda.

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