A few days ago I enjoyed some days in Amsterdam, of which delicatessen, for instance cheese, we will talk in future posts, and for my delight I discovered that nederlanders and in general citicens of northern Europe like a lot liquorice. The liquorice extract is used to cook both salty and sweet dishes, or even drinks (for instance the marvellous Guinness), it can be tasted bitting the root of the plant directly Glycyrrhiza glabra), and has multiple applications, the most popular is that can be used to treat nausea (is very recommended to people in chemotheraphy treatment) and coughs. But, first of all, liquorice is one of those things that only give two options, love it or avoid it at all cost, and that every person eats it in a personal, different sweetened, way. You can make even liquorice ice cream.

All of this is due to my discovery in Schiphol airport of a free degustation of Venco liquorice, resulting in the purchase of two bags of the variety Zoet/Droptoefjes, also known as lightly sweetened liquorice. Other unexpected place where I've found delicious liquorice (in my oppinion the best I've tasted) is Piazza Navona in Rome, in its Christmas fair kiosks. Is really long and a bit hard for the teeth but nearly handmade and equilibrate in flavour.

In Spain rare times I eat liquorice, with the exception of the Zara brand and the liquorice sold in my favourite cinema (that liquorice is one of the reasons of why is my favourite ;). To know if a liquorice candy is of good quality is as simple as to smell it: the less smells to lovely liquorice, the less quality.

If you know a place where to find delicious food with liquorice write here!

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  1. Soltereando said...

    Sigo tu blog desde hace tiempo (¡gracias por las recetas!) pero es el regaliz quien me ha hecho escribirte. Soy muy fan del regaliz de Zara - lo llevo comiendo desde pequeño, y ahora tengo 35 años O:-) He notado que poco a poco, aparte de hacer las barritas cada vez más pequeñas, han ido bajando la calidad, no sé si porque usan aditivos diferentes, o porque el extracto de regaliz es peor... lo más parecido son unas pastillas que venden en cajas de plástico, que sale como diez veces más caro y es mucho menos satisfactorio que chupar la barrita.

    En fin, mi granito de arena.

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