One of my favourite tv series and film is Firefly/Serenity, and of the many little details that I like about Joss Whedon’s masterpiece is that Serenity crew has to face many real problems in their journeys, being one of them feeding issues. At the Serenity Film website you will find a small cookbook of Derrial Meriaj Book, the priest and cook of the ship, for download in PDF format, containing very curious recipes.

To find easily and download the cookbook just follow these steps:

Enter the Flash site >> Explore Serenity menu >> Dining Room >> Of the two flying devices choose the Cookbook one >> Press Download

Below I've copied the list of recipes you will find in the cookbook:

+ Lucky Shepherd Cookies (fortune cookies)
+ Mistery Meal
+ Li Shen’s protein noodle laksa
+ Wash’s tossed salad
+ Serenity stew
+ Jayne's sweet prosperity pie


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