This is the recipe for classic tuna patty, a typical recipe in some zones of Spain, especially in Galicia. They are great either hot or cold for a snack or a picnic. You can freeze them and bake them afterwards, but remember to separate them with silicon or other anti-adherent paper.

Puff pastry or similar (This recipe is for 16 small patties or a big one)
1 onion
2 small tins of canned tuna without oil
1 kg tomatoes
1 or 2 eggs (as you wish)


Cut the onions in small pieces, peel the tomatoes and repeat. In a large casserole pour olive oil until covering the bottom and fry the onions. Stir continuously adding two tablespoons of basil. When the onion is golden low the temperature of the casserole and add the tomatoes with the juice they had pour when cut. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and cover the casserole, stir a lot and check that the tomatoes are melting. Boil hard the eggs with a teaspoon of salt to peel them easily and cut them in small pieces. When the tomatoes are nearly melted add the tuna and the eggs and stir until most of the sauce is evaporated. Use this mixture to fill the patty and close it. Depending of the pastry you are using:

For big patties made of puff pastry you must cut a bit them before baking in order the water in the inside being able to evaporate. If you are using a pastry specially prepared for patties do not cut it, close it hard. In both cases and if you are going to bake them in the oven you can paint them using a mixture of beat egg and herbs. Another option is frying them, but this is only viable if you are sign a pastry especial for patties. I usually prefer them baked for digestive and timing reasons but I must recognize that fried are delicious.


Use your favourite herbs, sesame, etc. to coat them.


You can use mum’s tomato sauce for this recipe or substitute the tomatoes for canned tomatoes. Also you can fill them with cheese and ham or bacon, spinach cream (last photo in this post), etc.


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