400 gr of chicken fillets, fillets of veal or a big piece or pork
2 cloves of garlic
1 onion
5 tomatoes
2 canned mushrooms tins


Cut the onions into small pieces, peel the tomatoes and cut them into big pieces, peel the garlic and slice. In a casserole with a bit of hot olive oil fry the meat rapidly in order it will get golden by the outside but being raw by the inside. Retire the meat from the casserole and reserve. In the very same olive oil (add a bit if neccessary) fry the onions, when they start getting transparent add the garlic and the basil, and when everything get golden colour add the tomatoes. Stir continuously and when he tomatoes are nearly melted add the canned mushrooms with their water. Boil, taking care of pouring a glass of water from time to time if needed. When the mushrooms are soft add the meat and continue boiling for 10 minutes or until the mushrooms and the meat are finished. serve hot.


At the photo you can see the meat can be accompanied with roasted potatoes with a bit of pepper. You can put the potatoes sliced in the oven at 200 ºC when adding the tomatoes to the casserole for getting them ready at the same time than the meat. you can also add a sherry glass of wine to aromatise, just add it at the same time than the mushrooms. You can also add your favourite herbs and freeze the sauce left for accompany rice or potatoes other day.


You can do this recipe with any type of mushroom, even dried ones. In that case you will need more water than in case of using fresh or canned mushrooms. You can use also canned tomatoes or mum’s tomato sauce.


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