The few months that I've been running manámaná I've passed through 3 different CSS templates and lots of troubles with Blogger and, later, Blogger Beta. As you can see I've achieved, more or less, a bit of a design stability without resigning to create my own styles. Unfortunately for those like me that crave for a bit more than basic blog style and functionality but are new to CSS, Blogger Beta is very likely to continue changing vital Blogger functions (each time I enter in the dashboard something has changed and sometimes the management of widgets or hacks have varied). But, as not everything is bad news, this situation coaches our CSS muscles to prepare them for the next Blogger stable version.

At the moment I perform little changes at manámaná at least 3 days each week, mostly at lunch time while I'm cooking. My next goal is to reinsert the peek-a-boo post and comments functionality that manámaná had on its first version and that worked so well (I Really miss it) but, of course, recipes have priority in the small piece of schedule that I can dedicate to manámaná. Below are listed my must-visit resources for learning about CSS and blog hacks. Enjoy!:

A list apart
Beutiful Beta
Mandarin Design
Tempus Fugit (in spanish)
The noodle incident
World Wide Web Consortimu: CSS box model


  1. AJX said...
    Hola! He visto que has cambiado el estilo de tu sitio, te ha quedado genial!!! Me ha gustado tanto tu plantilla que he intentato modificar la mía igual, pero en Beautiful Beta lo que hay es la plantilla azul que podrás ver en mi blog... ¿Dónde puedo conseguir la tuya??? Muchas gracias y ánimo con el blog, que es muy interesante...
    Noir said...
    ¡Hola AJX! Ya la he publicado con todo el texto en Arial y los bordes sólidos para una referencia visual más neutra a la hora de empezar a modificarlo. Ya me contarás qué tal.

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