Dear Auntie Cris has reported new places around the world where eating and buying food is something delicious:

· Belgium/Gent/ - Restaurant Le Mystic & Neuhaus Chocolatier
· Belgium/Brugge/ - Restaurant 't Eetablissement (their mussels and fries are simply great)
· Italy/Rome/ - Restaurant Il Brillo Parlante (excellent and cheap)
· Germany/Berlin/ - Restaurant Las Malvinas (excellent and cheao)
· Argentina/Buenos Aires/ - Restaurant El Establo

And I've added my latest discoveries in Donostia-San Sebastián:

· Spain/Euskadi/Donostia/ - Bar Bergara (some of the best pintxos!)
· Spain/Euskadi/Donostia/ - Ice-Creams La Veneciana (super-creamy ice-creams, lemon specially recommended)

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  1. John C said...

    ...oh, sorry dearest. (giggle snort)

    That's the duddy thing about this side of the pond. To get great 'old world' food, we have to travel to cities that have populations over 10 million.


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